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Daniel Jones
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Tyler Benedum
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Yearbooks are still on sale in room 210A for $50.
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Daniel Jones Awarded September Student of the Month

Daniel Jones was awarded September Student of the Month. He is well liked among the staff and students of Bluefield High School...

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The 2014-2015 yearbook will feature new material this coming school year. The yearbook staff is using a new program that will consist of more journalism, new artwork, and new designs.

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Mr. Nigro’s Classes Make Masks

Mr. Nigro’s class made masks on Friday, September 5th. They made the masks after reading “the masque of the red death” by edger Allan Poe.

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Bluefield vs Greenbrier West!

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The Lady Beavers Extraordinary Season

The Bluefield Lady Beavers have had an extraordinary season this year. They've fought, battled, and climbed their way up to the spot they're in now, and there is no way they're giving up.

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Bluefield vs Princeton!

The explosive power of the Beaver offense was displayed again on 9-5-14, as the Beavers sprinted past a strong Princeton Tigers team.

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Opinion Entertainment
Young Authors

I personally think that the school should have a club for story writers. The people who are the quietest are the most imaginative, I think.

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Try Hard

In my opinion, the majority of students slack off their first two years of high school.

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2 countries, many differences…

Belgium, one europeen country near Germany, Netherlands, and France. There are 3 languages in Belgium: French, Dutch and German.

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Early School Opinion

I think school starting early was more a good thing than a bad because of the fact that we get out earlier than others.

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The Fault in Our Stars: Frenzy

If you go anywhere on the internet, you have probably heard of the Green brothers and John Green's best selling novel The Fault in Our Stars.

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God's Not Dead

Over the weekend I watched the film, “God’s Not Dead.” It is an extremely well done movie.

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Lord Takeover

Seventeen year old Ella Yelich-O’Connor, known by her stage name Lorde, is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand.

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The Book Thief

Just at the brink of WWII, nine year old Liesel Meminger moves to Molching, Germany to live with her new foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann.

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The Mercer County Animal Shelter is an organization of individuals who care about the welfare of animals and want to try to help educate individuals of the overpopulation and effects it has caused in these now overcrowded shelters!
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